Advanced Surgery

Bringing Skill, Experience and Compassion to the Table.

Our veterinary surgery specialists are best suited to manage complex surgical cases. At OREV, our board-certified veterinary surgeons work closely with you and your primary veterinarian before and after surgery in a team approach to ensure you are presented with options and not verdicts, and your pet's best interests are served.

During the initial consultation our surgeons will examine your pet, discuss their condition and provide a range of options and potential risks and benefits of any surgery, as well as preparing you for homecare after any procedure.
Dr. Kramer performing surgery

Surgical Care Services

Our surgeons are skilled in performing many technically challenging surgeries, both soft tissue and orthopedic in nature. Surgeries commonly performed include:
Dr. Olsen performing surgery

  • Skin, abdominal, and thoracic mass removals

  • Wound management and reconstructive skin surgery

  • And more

  • Pulmonary mass removal

  • Chest wall mass removal

  • And more

  • Exploratory laparotomies

  • Abdominal mass removal (liver, spleen, kidney etc.)

  • Urinary mass removal

  • Urinary stones and obstructions

  • Ectopic ureters

  • Gastrointestinal and biliary surgery

  • And more

  • Fractures and luxations

  • Body wall and diaphragmatic hernias

  • Abdominal emergencies

  • Hemoabdomen, uroabdomen

  • GI obstructions

  • Gastric dilation/volvulus

  • Septic peritonitis

  • And more

Getting Started

Does My Pet Need a Referral?
Yes, our patients are referred by their primary care vet when their conditions indicate a need for specialized expertise in advanced surgery and oncology. When you contact us, we’ll review your pet’s health record and schedule an initial consultation to evaluate your pet’s needs.
Do I Need a Board-Certified Veterinarian?
If your pet requires specialized care outside the scope of your primary vet, you may need a board-certified veterinarian. Our board-certified vets have completed 3-4 years of additional training beyond veterinary school in specific areas of surgery and oncology.
What to Expect in the First Appointment?
During your initial appointment, one of our board-certified veterinarians will review your pet's history, perform a full examination, and follow-up with an in-depth discussion about your pet’s condition, ensuring your questions are answered. Together, you and our specialist will discuss the possible treatment options and decide what is best for your pet and your family.

Care Crew

Dr. Alon Kramer
Alon Kramer
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons


Love notes from our special patients.
So great. Took the hound in for a knee surgery and couldn't be happier with the whole process. I can tell they genuinely care for their patients. Very professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Little dude is still working on recovery and thanks to OREV, should be running around better than new in no time.
VW Timus
 My wife and I could not be more impressed with the level of care, expertise, and responsiveness that our dog Luna (4-year-old mixed Pitbull) received. We treat our dog as a family member and from the beginning it was apparent that Dr. Kramer and his staff knew this. Our puppy has made a full recovery from her cruciate ligament tear and is back to her old self. For that we are incredibly thankful.
Michael Elton
The team at OREV are top notch professionals. Our girl is walking better than ever after a knee surgery. Dr. Olson explained every step and made me feel reassured that she was in good hands. I am so relieved that my sweet baby can run and play again. She is now one happy pup!
Rosalynn Mumpower