Our Story

Orit & Dr. Alon Kramer

Care is at Our Core

We founded OREV Specialty Vet Care, as a way to create a conduit for caring veterinary specialists to provide competent, compassionate and uncompromising specialty veterinary care.

Combining Alon's veterinary expertise with Orit's focus on design thinking, we created an organization focused on CARE -- for our patients, our clients, our staff, and our community. OREV is located in SW Portland's Multnomah Village.

We live and work in this community, and love being part of it. We support locally and privately owned businesses just like ours.

Meet Reuben

OREV in Hebrew means crow. We love the crows. Crows are intelligent, adaptive and social birds. They are problem-solvers, good communicators, and they work well together. They're also very loyal to their community. Crows 'get the job done' - they're practical and efficient.

When we started OREV in 2012, we wanted to instill and adopt such characteristics in how we work. More than 10 years later, we still thrive as we continue to apply these notions in the care we provide.

Our resident crow 'Reuben' adopted our clinic as a territory several years ago, and has been part of our family ever since. When you come to our clinic, don't forget to give her a 'caw'!

Reuben the crow sitting by the OREV sign