Our Facility

A home for pets & people

When we decided to establish OREV Specialty Vet Care, we knew it had to have its own facility. We wanted a space that worked well for surgery and recovery, that felt welcoming to our team as well as our patients and their people, and that was within our established community in Portland. We were thrilled when we were able to renovate the building at 7637 SW 33rd Ave. We had the opportunity (and the headache) to turn the place from its previous use as a distribution center for ping-pong equipment, to a top-notch, state-of-the-art veterinary specialty facility.

Today OREV’s facility houses surgical suites, oncology suite with chemo hood, x-ray radiology machine, full-size CT scan, In House Lab/ Diagnostics Lab Equipment, and more. It’s especially designed to maximize comfort for our patients, with spacious treatment area, large runs with glass doors, seamless flow between clinical areas, and a clean and comfortable environment for patient and people.

Our facility was designed with thoughtful elements that provide comfort and relaxed atmosphere, including plenty of natural light, elevated ceiling, as well as open and hospitable waiting area. In addition, a staff relaxation area with a shower, large kitchen, sofas etc. provide stress-reducing break-room space for our team.