Imaging/CT Services

CT Scans for Pets

Advanced Imaging-CT (Computed Tomography)
Advanced imaging diagnostics are useful in better assessing and identifying the source of your pet’s condition. Here at OREV, we have on-site advanced imaging equipment to ensure your pet gets the very best imaging for their health-related issues.

Computed tomography (CT) for pets uses helical x-rays to produce multiple detailed high-resolution images of body regions and thus provide thin, highly detailed cross-sectional "slices" for viewing. Your primary vet or a specialist may order a CT scan for your pet when they want a closer, detailed look at your pet's particular organ, bone, or another body part.

The service is referral-based only. If your pet might need a CT scan, please get in touch with your primary veterinarian, and we will be happy to work directly with you and your clinic to make sure your pet will get the care it needs in a timely fashion.
DVM Keith and Tech prepping CT machine
cute dog sitting on the CT machine

Why and when you should consider
a CT scan for your pet?

• CT scan for pets is one of the best tools for studying the chest and abdomen because it provides detailed, cross-sectional views of all tissue types. The CT scan provides excellent detail of the internal anatomy and much more information than a simple radiograph.

• CT scans in pets are often the preferred method for assessing many different cancers. The images allow the veterinarian to confirm the presence of a tumor and measure its size, precise location, and extent of involvement with other nearby tissue. 

• A CT scan in your pet will help plan and facilitate the surgical approach and minimize surgery time, especially important for liver and pulmonary tumors.

• A CT scan is a vital tool for understanding the extent of canine and feline cancers and planning for treatment.

• A CT scan of your pet also helps veterinarians understand orthopedic abnormalities (such as elbow dysplasia and bone deformities) and plan for corrective procedures.

• CT scans in dogs and cats are also invaluable in diagnosing and treating spinal problems and injuries to the skeletal structures. It can clearly show even tiny bones as well as surrounding tissues such as muscle and blood vessels.

• CT scans for pets are nearly identical in their use to those done for humans. The equipment, including the machine, is mostly the same as for humans. The only difference in procedure is that most pets require brief anesthesia to keep them completely still throughout the imaging procedure.

Care Crew

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Keith Sierbinski
DVM, Imaging/CT Coordinator

Getting Started

Does My Pet Need a Referral?
Yes, our patients are referred by their primary care vet when their conditions indicate a need for specialized expertise in advanced surgery and oncology. When you contact us, we’ll review your pet’s health record and schedule an initial consultation to evaluate your pet’s needs.
Do I Need a Board-Certified Veterinarian?
If your pet requires specialized care outside the scope of your primary vet, you may need a board-certified veterinarian. Our board-certified vets have completed 3-4 years of additional training beyond veterinary school in specific areas of surgery and oncology.
What to Expect in the First Appointment?
During your initial appointment, one of our board-certified veterinarians will review your pet's history, perform a full examination, and follow-up with an in-depth discussion about your pet’s condition, ensuring your questions are answered. Together, you and our specialist will discuss the possible treatment options and decide what is best for your pet and your family.


Love notes from our special patients.
Great customer service with very knowledgeable vets who truly care about your pet! I will always trust them with my dog! Highly recommend!
Anna Gray
We came here from out of state and OREV did a CT scan for us as our regular oncologists' office couldn't at the moment down the road. They were EXTREMELY helpful in getting us on the schedule as quickly as possible and they had great communication for all my questions and concerns. We would highly recommend OREV if you are in need of oncology services.
Samantha Oldham
Highly recommend if your pet needs any kind of surgery, imaging, etc. The whole staff from Dr. to reception are detailed, caring and did an awesome job with a complicated surgery for our English Retriever, Remington. We met with multiple options and OREV was absolutely the right choice!
Ken Griggs