Insight into Your Pet's Health

Here at OREV we have in-house ultrasound capability. Dr. Sarah Collette uses abdominal ultrasound for staging and monitoring cancer in our oncology patients.

Ultrasound has become a common imaging modality in veterinary medicine, one that allows for better assessment of internal organs (most commonly the abdominal organs such as liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, visceral lymph nodes and gastrointestinal tract). Ultrasound is also used to guide needle sampling of tumors when needed.

While ultrasound can be less sensitive than a CT scan, ultrasound is simpler to perform, and is a non-invasive imaging tool that can assist us in detecting tumors, as well as monitor responses to cancer therapy. Thus, ultrasound allows us to improve patient care and patient outcomes.
Dr. Collete preforming an ultrasound

Getting Started

Does My Pet Need a Referral?
Yes, our patients are referred by their primary care vet when their conditions indicate a need for specialized expertise in advanced surgery and oncology. When you contact us, we’ll review your pet’s health record and schedule an initial consultation to evaluate your pet’s needs.
Do I Need a Board-Certified Veterinarian?
If your pet requires specialized care outside the scope of your primary vet, you may need a board-certified veterinarian. Our board-certified vets have completed 3-4 years of additional training beyond veterinary school in specific areas of surgery and oncology.
What to Expect in the First Appointment?
During your initial appointment, one of our board-certified veterinarians will review your pet's history, perform a full examination, and follow-up with an in-depth discussion about your pet’s condition, ensuring your questions are answered. Together, you and our specialist will discuss the possible treatment options and decide what is best for your pet and your family.


Love notes from our special patients.
Staff have been incredibly kind and professional...they are ON IT!
While going through a tough situation with my dog, they have been thorough, efficient and clear....very grateful to staff and the clinic!
I've had dogs all my life, so I know how a good vet, clinic, or experience can look like....kuddos to OREV
Lulú Ballesteros
I am beyond impressed with the caring attitudes of everyone here. The scheduling person goes out of their way to communicate and move appointments up when we n needed. I have had appointments with two vets. Good information and no pressure.
Patricia Schafer
These folks feel like family. I am so glad to have found them after what was a nightmare of a search to find the right vet after my dog was diagnosed. They are so loving, knowledgeable, and sweet, I couldn't ask for a better vet especially as hard as is dealing with your baby having cancer. 100/10 stars.
Kauri Voss

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We're situated across from the Multnomah Arts Center and behind Little Big Burger. Drop off your furry friend with our caring staff and explore our welcoming and walk-able community that we call home.